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Great Management. Great Products. Greater Good

GM Biotech's strong position worldwide is a product of inspired leadership and a dedicated management team.


Andrew McGarb

Joint founder of GM Biotech, McGarb previously worked for Everlast Corp.

Rob Pallex

Pallex left a high ranking job with a multinational game manufacturer to co-found GM Biotech. Previously Pallex has worked for Pizza Hut.

Michelle Cuvee

Cuvee has been on the board for four years. Since joining the company five years ago Michelle has seen a meteoric rise of her career through the company ranks. Cuvee is currently head of operations, spending a lot of time in the field with customers.

Cleo Pingu-Khat

Khat joined GM Biotech from SC Brewing two years ago. Cleo has had a successful career working in the leisure, brewing and cigarette industries.

Fran Yusova

One of the most respected Public Relations experts in the country, Yusova joined us from the PR Puff (cigarette) organisation 2 years ago.

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