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The following product is currently available (with restrictions in some territories). Please contact one of our sales advisors for further information.


Product code: EZE981    Product name : CAFO2
Caffeinated House Plant

The latest product in the eeziLife range is CAFO2™– a houseplant that releases caffeine into your home or office. Keeping alert has never been so easy.

CAFO2™ is available in two forms:

An easy to care for houseplant that releases a steady flow of caffeine when subjected to natural or artificial light.

Also available in a farm-fresh, instant-hit form - CAFO2™ in a can. Caffeinated air is collected from our huge CAFO2™ plant greenhouses, bottled and packaged for your convenience.

The photo below shows the caffeine-producing buds on the edge of the leaf.

CAFo2 Plant


An example of the difference a CAFO2™ plant can make. The room on the right contains two of the plants.



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