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The following product is currently available (with restrictions in some territories). Please contact one of our sales advisors for further information.


Product code: EZE956    Product name : EeziSpud™
Ready chipped potatoes.

EeziSpud™ (one of our Eezi™ line of products) is available in two current varieties.
For the American market, GMBiotech have developed potatoes that grow 'pre-chipped'. Ideal for the potato chip (or crisps in the UK) manufacturers, this product cuts the manufacturing time in half.

The UK market benefits from a potato variety that we have created which actually grows as chips.

Crinkle variety of the EeziChip The Crinkle variety.

The EeziChip™ is a modified plant that grows above ground ready to be harvested.
Previously only available wholesale to farmers, this product will soon be available to the public for growing at home.



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