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The following products are all currently available (with restrictions in some territories). Please contact one of our sales advisors for further information.


Product code: EZE981    Product name : CAFO2
Caffeinated Air Plant

New to Market – Our latest product in the EeziLife range CAF02 – a houseplant that releases caffeine into your home or office.

A constant supply of caffeine without trips to the coffee dispenser, tea pot or soda machine.

Product code: EZE780    Product name : EeziOrange™
No peel oranges, the next step from seedless.

On the market now for 3 months, ready peeled oranges take the awkwardness out of orange consumption. For those of us who still go to the trouble of eating oranges and not just supermarket orange juice. EeziOrange™ are both pipless and peel-less and are expected to take around 30% of the market.

Product code: EZE956    Product name : EeziSpud™
Ready chipped potatoes.

EeziSpud™ (one of our Eezi™ line of products) is available in two current varieties.
For the American market, GMBiotech have developed potatoes that grow 'pre-chipped'. Ideal for the potato chip (or crisps in the UK) manufacturers, this product cuts the manufacturing time in half.
The UK market benefits from a potato variety that we have created which actually grows as chips. The EeziChip™ is a modified plant that grows above ground ready to be harvested.
Previously only available wholesale to farmers, this product will soon be available to the public for growing at home.

Product code: EZE347    Product name : ChristmasTree™
Self-powered Christmas trees.

Available in many locations worldwide and now in two variations. The GM Biotech ChristmasTree™ enables consumers to save money by combining a tree with lights. The original version was developed with our partners - the nuclear power industry - and features leaf ends that glow at night.

The latest version is the result of painstaking research into combining animal and plant life into one product which has resulted in a tree featuring leaf ends that actually flicker (courtesy of hundreds of trapped fireflies).




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