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Product code: PIZ445    Product name : PizzaPlant™
Grow 'ready to harvest' Pizza

Under development but expected to be released to market soon is the PizzaPlant™. Developed from our association with GeneBiotrap and their Spaghetti Tree product range, the pizza tree grows Pizza as it's fruit. GM Biotech has so far managed only to grow single slices but we are working on 12inch Deep Pan.

The Pizza Tree (patents pending) not only pools our and GeneBiotrap's research but also brings on board the experience of one of our partners, the nuclear power industry. Together we are nearing our ultimate goal of the '3 minute pizza' Tree. Using small amounts of Plutonium as fertilizer we have created not only a tree that grows pizza but also microwaves it. Our product simply requires freezing and shipping. We are currently researching a method of using CFCs from old fridges to freeze the fruit on the tree, the exact method is currently secret.

Product code: CHOC23    Product name : ChocOx Bar™
Chocolate biscuit bar plants.

Work combining coco plants, sugar beet, maize and willow trees to create chocolate biscuit bars looked like coming to failure until a minor industrial accident led to our test field being flooded with aluminium oxide.

Problems with the chocolate coating melting on the fully developed bars had led us to try many solutions including spraying with silver paint but this proved cost ineffective.

The aluminium oxide flood however had an unexpected effect, the trees absorbed the aluminium and protectively wrapped their fruit. We are currently researching the exact time that the field needs to be flooded to re-create this effect.

Product code: SMS101    Product name : Smoker™
Self Smoking Salmon.

Currently undergoing final field trials and very close to market is the Smoker™. Developed with our partners in the cigarette industry the salmon has been developed to literally smoke itself.

Our research discovered that a significant portion of the expense of smoked salmon was in the smoking process, traditionally carried out when the fish was dead. Our more efficient fish has been created with the nicotine addiction gene. The animal is kept normally on a fish farm but before death is offered a tube containing cigarette smoke. The nicotine craving causes the fish to deeply breathe the smoke and become self-smoked.

Customers should be aware that this product may suffer mood swings.

Product code: KILCID1/2    Product group : MyFriendly™
Friendly Pets.

By modifing the gene that controls aggression GM Biotech have created a new range of pets for children. So far there are two products in this range - MyFriendlyLion™ and MyFriendlyWolf™.





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