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Product code: PIZ445    Product name : PizzaPlant™
Grow 'ready to harvest' Pizza

Under development but expected to be released to market soon is the PizzaPlant™. Developed from our association with GeneBiotrap and their Spaghetti Tree product range, the pizza tree grows Pizza as it's fruit. GM Biotech has so far managed only to grow single slices but we are working on 12inch Deep Pan.

The Pizza Tree (patents pending) not only pools our and GeneBiotrap's research but also brings on board the experience of one of our partners, the nuclear power industry. Together we are nearing our ultimate goal of the '3 minute pizza' Tree. Using small amounts of Plutonium as fertilizer we have created not only a tree that grows pizza but also microwaves it. Our product simply requires freezing and shipping. We are currently researching a method of using CFCs from old fridges to freeze the fruit on the tree, the exact method is currently secret.



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