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The following press releases are available from our PR department. A summary of each release is also available by clicking the appropriate link.

1978 Company Formation 13/02/78/pr
1979 100th Employee. New West Coast office 07/03/79/pr
1981 Gene Biotrap litigation ends 03/02/81/pr
1982 Profits forecast warning 07/08/82/pr
1984 First International office opened 12/07/84/pr
1987 First African office opened 27/09/87/pr
1989 Government investigation gives clean bill 12/08/89/pr
1991 New acquisition 17/08/91/pr
1992 Nuclear industry first 'Partner for Life' 14/07/92/pr
1995 First patent for self cooking food 05/03/95/pr
1996 Research into GM animals started 12/09/96/pr
1997 Second US Govt investigation clears GM Biotech 15/12/97/pr
1998 $20m donated to charitable and other causes 12/01/98/pr
1999 Millennium Bug project announced 10/05/99/pr
2001 MyFriendly™ Range announced 21/05/01/pr
2002 New Website launched 01/03/02/pr




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