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Release date: 13 Feb 1978  
Press Office Ref: 13/02/78/pr
New Player in emerging GM food market

A new venture set up by Andrew McGarb, previously chief scientist at Everlast, and Rob Pallex previously at Imagined Technologies hopes to crack the huge GM food market. McGarb and Pallex have many years of experience in this area and are looking to have products to market by the end of the year.

Release date: 7 March 1979  
Press Office Ref: 07/03/79/pr
GM Biotech announces 100th employee, new West Coast office

GM Biotech continued expansion has lead to us now employing 100 people and the opening of brand new offices on the West Coast of America.

Release date: 3 Feb 1981  
Press Office Ref: 03/02/81/pr
Litigation with Gene Biotrap ends amicably

The long running legal battle with Gene Biotrap ended today with GM Biotech's buyout of the company.

Release date: 7 August 1982  
Press Office Ref: 07/08/82/pr
Profits Forecast Warning

Due to operational difficulties encountered following the acquisition of Gene Biotrap, the profit for this trading year is expected to be 40% less than originally forecast.

Release date: 12 July 1984  
Press Office Ref: 12/07/84/pr
GM Biotech opens first International office

Kensington, London is the location GM Biotech has chosen for its first International office. GM Biotech aims to forge strong relationships with British Industry and will be announcing the opening of new test centers soon.

Release date: 27 Sept 1987  
Press Office Ref: 27/09/87/pr
GM Biotech opens first African office

GM Biotech today announces the opening of our new office in Africa. Situated in one of Africa's most important farming areas - Cileplnit, Botswana. GM Biotech aims to develop new strains of tobacco as part of our pledge to beat world hunger.

Release date: 12 August 1989  
Press Office Ref: 12/08/89/pr
GM Biotech cleared by Government Inquiry

The results of the Government Inquiry into GM Biotech have been announced. While some areas of our company were criticized in the report, Gm Biotech has been cleared by the report of breaking any International laws.

Release date: 17 August 1991  
Press Office Ref: 17/08/91/pr
GM Biotech in new acquisition

Furthering the ground base of GM Biotech, the company today announces the purchase of a controlling share in the Band Paint and Dye Company.

Release date: 14 July 1992  
Press Office Ref: 14/07/92/pr
GM Biotech announces new strategic partner

GM Biotech's Strategic Partner Program has lead to the forging of strong links with many industries. The newest of these is the Nuclear Power industry. Together we plan lots.

Release date: 5 March 1995  
Press Office Ref: 05/03/95/pr
GM Biotech takes out first patent for Self-Cooking Food™

GM Biotech today announced a new, currently secret, method of growing self-cooking food products. Currently the company is in the process of securing patents and will release product data when available.

Release date: 12 Sept 1996  
Press Office Ref: 12/09/96/pr
GM Biotech announces new Animal Division

Today GM Biotech is pleased to announce the opening of it's GM animal division. A new Director for this division will be announced soon, with many projects planned.

Release date: 15 Dec 1997  
Press Office Ref: 15/12/97/pr
GM Biotech cleared by second Government Investigation

A second Government investigation into GM Biotech's business practices and ethics has cleared the Company and Board of any wrong doing. GM Biotech would like to thank our partners and creditors for their help in providing the investigators with the necessary.

Release date: 12 Jan 1998  
Press Office Ref: 12/01/98/pr
$20 million donation to charity and other causes

The Company is pleased to announce a $20 million gift to several good causes with which GM Biotech feels affinity.

Release date: 10 May 1999  
Press Office Ref: 10/05/99/pr
GM Biotech's own Millennium Bug announced

GM Biotech has completed work on the latest in the farmers arsenal against greenfly infestation. Named after the upcoming new millennium, the bug is a genetically modified ladybird capable of consuming 20 times the number of greenfly a conventional ladybird eats. Available in packs of three GM Biotech's Millennium Bug™ is guaranteed to keep crops greenfly free.

Release date: 21 May 2001  
Press Office Ref: 21/05/01/pr
MyFriendly™ product range announced

A new line of products, due to be released to market second quarter 2002, are announced today. The MyFriendly range brings with them a new direction for GM Biotech. The MyFriendlyLion and MyFriendlyWolf are the first in a range of pets that were previously unsuitable for children.

Release date: 1 March 2002  
Press Office Ref: 01/03/02/pr
GM Biotech announces new web site

GM Biotech's new web site is now live. With a wealth of information the completely revamped site features areas for both those within the industry and the general public alike. Visitors can read about members of the GM Biotech board, see financial information related to GM Biotech, read about the future and request further information. To see the new site visit




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